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AlgaeCal Plant Calcium

Patent pending AlgaeCal® is an ocean algae from South America that is revolutionizing calcium supplementation.

AlgaeCal is more than a rich calcium source – it also contains large amounts of magnesium and bone
supporting trace minerals including boron, silica, strontium and vanadium – and all are plant-derived for bioavailability!

Most important, AlgaeCal has been involved in several clinical studies with superior results.

  • Bio-Available Calcium
  • Magnesium and Trace Minerals from Ocean Algae
  • Vitamin D3 added

Additional Minerals Found in AlgaeCal Plant Calcium

Boron (from AlgaeCal) 26 ppm
Copper (from AlgaeCal) .91 ppm
Manganese (from AlgaeCal) 36 ppm
Nickel (from AlgaeCal) .082 ppm
Phosphorous (from AlgaeCal) 397 ppm
Potassium (from AlgaeCal) 426 ppm
Silica (from AlgaeCal) 872 ppm
Strontium (from AlgaeCal) 1440 ppm
Vanadium (from AlgaeCal) 26 ppm

How Much Calcium Do You Need?

The National Academy of Sciences, Dietary Reference Intakes suggests that an average adult should get 1000-1300 mg elemental calcium each day. But studies indicate a typical North American adult gets only 500 – 700 mg elemental calcium per day from food. So AlgaeCal Plant Calcium was formulated to provide 750 mg elemental calcium per day to make up for shortfall of calcium in our diets. So, if you get 550 mg of calcium from your food, plus 750 mg from AlgaeCal your total is 1300 mg per day which is optimal for even the most needy groups.

Recommended Calcium Intakes
Amount of Calcium (mg)
Birth to 6 months
6 months to 1 year
Children/Young Adults
1 to 3 years
4 to 8 years
9 to 18 years
Adult Women & Men
19 to 50 years
50 years and older
Pregnant or Lactating
18 years or younger
19 to 50 years

Source: National Academy of Sciences, 1997.

What’s In An AlgaeCal Supplement?

Calcium is getting a lot of attention lately. It seems every few days, there is another study released by a reputable organization either providing strength to the calcium debate or taking some of its steam away.

The majority of the studies conducted are done on a calcium type not found in the AlgaeCal supplement. Studies, which have been referenced below, are testing Calcium Carbonate. This form of calcium is not plant-based and is derived from rocks or salt. This type of calcium is harder to digest, and it can sometimes do more harm than good.

AlgaeCal calcium supplement is an all-natural, whole food calcium supplement containing no Calcium Carbonate. Studies that have been conducted on the AlgaeCal supplement show very different results from those done on Calcium Carbonate.

Where Does Calcium Carbonate Come From?

Most Calcium Carbonate is hundreds of millions years old. Long before you or me, the world was still teeming with life. Sea creatures inhabited the vast oceans, lived out their lives and died. After they passed, their calcite skeletons collected on the sea floor. As time pushed forward, the plates of the earth continued to move and the skeletons were pushed up against the earth’s crust with immense pressure. This pressure is what turns these calcite skeletons into calcium carbonate. Hundreds of millions of years later, these mineralized skeletons are harvested, processed as a supplement and sold to you, the consumer.

While this process may be mostly natural, scientific evidence is still showing that those who take calcium carbonate are experiencing negative side effects that can have drastic life consequences.

Where Does AlgaeCal Calcium Come From?

We don’t have to go deep into the ocean to find our whole food calcium. You can see it when you walk on the beaches of many South American countries. It’s known as Algas Calcereas, sp., and it is the main source of calcium in the AlgaeCal supplement. In an era where it’s hard to envision food being processed without the use of automated machinery or expensive factories, we’ve gone back to a natural process that has served humans for eons – gathering. The AlgaeCal supplement is handpicked and sun dried. The only process we put it through is the milling process, turning it into a powder. The rest is done by simple hands and the warm sun.

AlgaeCal Plus

To make our AlgaeCal calcium supplement more effective, we’ve added vitamin D3 to help with calcium digestion. Both play an essential role in the digestive process going on in your body.

We Invite You to Learn More

Visit our website to learn more about the AlgaeCal supplement. Take a tour of our website, sign up for a free account and even earn bonus points when you make purchases. Earn enough points and we’ll send you a gift certificate.

We live in an era where ‘all-natural’ is a buzzword, and it’s hard to take a label at face value. AlgaeCal supplements aren’t just backed by the word of a company. Ask our customers and learn more about the studies.


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