Guaranteed to STOP Bone Loss!

Stop your bone loss completely in 180 days or get a full refund on all six months of product!

Certified Organic

Lithothamnium Superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the South American locals call it) is ecologically harvested in pure waters, as attested to by being certified organic by the USDA and IFOAM. more...

Rock vs Plant

Did you know most calcium products are made from ROCK? Why take limestone calcium when you can have a complete, PLANT whole-food mineral complex?

AlgaeCal®, The Planet’s ONLY Guaranteed Calcium

There are over 580 calciums available, but not one promises a result… until now! Sure, some offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, but that speaks nothing of results. New AlgaeCal Plant Calcium guarantees to stop your bone loss in 180 days – or you get all six months of your money back! This proven product promises to improve your bone strength quickly at any age.

Why don’t other calcium supplements offer such a guarantee?

The answer is easy. You see, over 90% of calcium supplements are made from rock. Go get your bottle and look at the “Supplements Facts” part of the label. You’re going to see “calcium carbonate” or “calcium citrate” on the label, which means you are eating stones. Super-heated, pressed with glues and binding agents into large, hard to swallow tablets, rock calcium is well documented to be constipating, poorly digested and therefore only slows your bone loss. Since most calcium products cannot stop your bone loss, they will not guarantee it.

How is this guarantee possible? Because AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is body-friendly sea algae, it is scientifically studied to be better absorbed than limestone calcium supplements. But better bio-availability of AlgaeCal is only the beginning. Another study on human osteoblasts showed AlgaeCal has a several fold better effect at mineralizing and proliferating these bone building cells versus calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Most important, clinical studies have shown AlgaeCal formulas to have a superior effect on bone density of adults. In one recent study, women with an average age of 55 were able to stop their bone density loss completely within six months. That is why AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is the ONLY calcium supplement to offer you guaranteed results.

You wouldn’t eat chunky granite granola, or serve up a lemon and limestone pie, would you? So why eat rock derived calcium supplements? Smart shoppers choose certified organic, body-friendly AlgaeCal Plant Calcium.

A Symphony Or A Solo?

Since childhood you’ve been taught that bone health requires calcium. So you drink your milk, eat your cheese and yogurt, and take a single element calcium supplement- and still your bone density begins to decrease once you hit your mid 30s.

But this should come as no surprise since your bones are not made from calcium alone. They are made from many other minerals found in AlgaeCal®. Magnesium, selenium, manganese, boron, vanadium, zinc, copper, strontium, molybdenum, and silica are all proven bone building nutrients. Each of these minerals are present and serve a purpose in our bones… and each of these minerals are found in AlgaeCal Plant Calcium. Literature shows that excessive consumption of any mineral drives out other important minerals. For example, too much calcium can cause magnesium and zinc deficiency – both of which are critical to your bone health. That is why the correct balance of 13 bone supporting minerals in AlgaeCal Plant Calcium supports your bones better. Choose the symphony, not the solo.

Buyer Beware! Bleached Plant Calciums Posing as AlgaeCal®

AlgaeCal® is the ONLY marine algae calcium from hand harvested, living algae. There are other algae calciums available in supplements on the shelves of Canadian and American health food stores. These calcified algae are the product of industrial dredging operations with massive vacuums that suck mainly dead algae sand from the ocean floor. The process causes environmental damage by stripping the ocean bottom, then suffocating delicate ecosystems with silt. 80% of the vacuumed material is ocean debris that gets thrown back – and the remaining 20% is dead, decomposed algae that is then treated to a 24 hour chemical bleach bath, bottled, and sold as pure plant calcium. These calcium ingredients have no clinical studies on human bone health, or organic certification. They are not live-harvested, and the dredging is not ecologically sound, yet in a capsule or a tablet they look like a similar powder to AlgaeCal. They cost about 1/7th as much as AlgaeCal so it is very tempting for some manufacturers to use them. AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is licensed to bear the AlgaeCal logo, and contains only pure AlgaeCal and vitamin D3.

Why Is AlgaeCal Plant Calcium Unique?

  • the only calcium complex proven to stop bone density loss.
  • the only USDA Certified Organic Calcium
  • the only pure plant calcium
  • the only unbleached algae calcium
  • the only algae calcium with human bone health studies

Start Now

The US Surgeon General in an unprecedented report on Osteoporosis wrote that you are never too young or too old to begin a bone health program. The most important thing to do is start now with regular, disciplined, calcium supplementation. Why not choose the best calcium product possible?

Why Food-Sourced Calcium Is a Big Deal

A quick internet search will tell you that food-sourced calcium is better than taking a calcium supplement. Of course, this is true, but what if you could get food-source calcium in a supplement? AlgaeCal® calcium comes from algae growing in the waters of South America; a food source.

Why Calcium Matters

Without a doubt, your body needs calcium. We’re not just talking about your bones and teeth, but your blood, your nerve cells, your connective tissue, your muscles and your bodily fluids all require calcium. When your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can work in harmony. Remove even one of these vitamins and minerals, and your body won’t do what it’s supposed to do -thrive!

If you’re not getting the required amount of calcium on a daily basis, your body won’t be functioning like it should, and it’s structure, like your bones, starts to break down. At around the age of 30, your bones start to lose calcium, but it doesn’t have to be a losing war. If you know the difference between the types of calcium out there, you can make a better decision for your health, your body and your family.

The Food-Source Calcium

It matters because food-source calcium is the easiest for your body to digest. When you take in either calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, your body doesn’t get the same amount of calcium it would from a food source. Much of the calcium in a food-source is in its elemental form, and that’s the form your body needs. While it can do its job breaking down portions of the other forms of calcium, it makes the entire process easier when you can take elemental calcium.

If you’re not getting your calcium from a food-source, you might be putting yourself at risk for kidney stones, gas, bloating and constipation. At the very least, it could lead to some embarrassing side effects, but at most, you could suffer negative consequences that could be avoided.

AlgaeCal® Plus Calcium Supplement

Because we believe that a food-source calcium is the most important part, we harvest algae known to be high in calcium, sun dry it and mill it into a powder. That means there are no unwanted chemicals or materials in the supplement we provide you. Everything is completely natural, and the ingredients we list on the bottle are what you’ll find inside.

Don’t Stop There

If you’re looking for a better calcium regimen, try our AlgaeCal® Plus and Strontium Boost combination. Studies have shown that strontium plays a key role in helping your body use all the calcium it gets. If you need to know where to buy AlgaeCal® Plus and Strontium Boost, you can order from You can also review the various studies that have been conducted and do some independent research.

Where are you getting your calcium? AlgaeCal® plant calcium comes from an all-natural food-source, so you can trust that you’re making the best decision for your body and for the environment around you.

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