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There is no calcium supplement like AlgaeCal Plant Calcium. It is from a fascinating marine algae, Lithothamnium Superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it), that grows wild in the ocean waters of South America. Washed by the tides onto the shore, the tennis ball sized algae are handpicked live one by one by local fishermen and then sun dried. It’s Mother Nature at her best, providing a natural nutrient cocktail that wards off brittle bones. No wonder it’s the star ingredient within the number 1 selling bone health product in US health stores.

Sure, hand-harvested eco-friendly AlgaeCal Plant Calcium may cost more than typical calciums. But investing in your health and the environment is a decision that pays back year after year. When the future of your bones is at stake, don’t you deserve the best?

AlgaeCal Plant Calcium Is The Only Certified Organic Calcium?

USDA/NOP IFOAM Organic Certification attests AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is harvested only from pristine waters in an environmentally sustainable manner. Organic Certification also means all aspects of handling and processing are scrutinized. AlgaeCal Plant Calcium makes the grade because it is simply washed with fresh water, then sun-dried and milled, free of the bleaching process routinely done to other marine algae. Finally, a plant calcium that supports bone health AND protects the environment for future generations.

What Is AlgaeCal?

AlgaeCal® is a scientifically proven calcium supplement designed to increase your bone density, and your overall health. Most people don’t get enough calcium in their diet, so AglaeCal is made to help. Here’s a bit of a background on calcium.

The Importance of Calcium

Before we get into exactly what AlgaeCal® is, let’s start with calcium. When it comes to minerals, calcium is the mineral in your body with the highest concentration. You’ll find more of no other mineral. That’s because your bones and teeth are all made up of high amounts of calcium. It’s no surprise that you need enough calcium in your diet. As old cells die, they need new ones to replace them and that means your body needs new calcium on a regular basis.

What Kind of Calcium?

There are two places you can get calcium from: rocks and food. The best place from which to get calcium is a food source. Study shows that those who get their daily calcium intake from food sources have healthier bones.

Most of the calcium supplements on the market are made with a mineral known as calcium carbonate. The drawback is that it’s not from a food source. Instead it is derived from rocks or salt. Getting your calcium supply from a rock or salt source, has been linked to an increased chance of heart attacks and strokes.

Why AlgaeCal?

The difference between AlgaeCal® and other mineral supplements is that AlgaeCal® products use a food source of calcium. The calcium you find in AlgaeCal® products comes from alga found in the oceans of South America. The alga is hand-picked, sun dried and brought to our facility to be made ready for you. No calcium rocks have been harmed in the making of this product. You can trust that we don’t process the alga, we simply mill it so we can sell it in powder form.

AlgaeCal® is different. You get all the convenience of a supplement, but none of the same side effects that you might experience with rock or salt calcium. It’s important to reserach the kind of calcium you’re getting and ask the right questions of the right people.

If you’d like to see a video of where we get our alga, follow the link below:

AlgaeCal® Harvest Time!

Added Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium can be hard to digest, so you’ll find magnesium and vitamin D3 added to each bottle of AlgaeCal® to help with the digestion process. If you’re taking a calcium supplement, but it’s not going to the all right places, there’s not much point in putting it in your body. Magnesium and vitamins help this process along.

Take some time and look around the AlgaeCal site. You can sign up for a free account and find every product that AlgaeCal® offers. If you have any questions, visit the site and get in contact with AlgaeCal® today. We’re here to answer all your questions and concerns.

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